Principal Designer


Brent Ellergodt

I am the lead designer, and President of Ellergodt Design.   I graduated from the SAIT Architectural Technologies program in 1986, and spent a number of years working my way up the ranks in the field of home design in Calgary and Vancouver.   

In 2003 with a young family to support, I left the security of my 9-5 job (and a dental plan) and Ellergodt Design was born.  Making the decision to venture out on my own was definitely one of those “jump before you’re ready” experiences, but one that both my wife Carol and I felt was necessary.

I have worked almost exclusively with a residential focus for the past 34 years, designing single-family and semi-detached homes, high-end renovations and a variety of multi-family projects.  I am fueled by a passion for creative, innovative, client-focused, and when possible, sustainable design.  My objective is to genuinely help you  ‘find your way home’  through a personalized and collaborative custom design process, ensuring that the design we create truly meets your unique lifestyle needs. 

I have established myself as one of Calgary’s premiere home designers, and have spent my career making connections and building relationships with an array of both homeowners and industry professionals.  I have a keen interest in pursuing and implementing sustainable practices and am a LEED Accredited Professional, as well as a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor.  

I believe that no matter the scope of your next building project, it all begins with excellent and personalized design.  As stressful as it can be, designing a new home (of any size) really can be a fun and exciting experience, and I always aim to find that sweet spot where fun and expertise meet.

  • Education
    • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology – Architectural Technology, 1986
    • Sustainable Building Advisor
    • LEED AP for Homes
    • Professional Site Manager
  • Why Ellergodt Design?
    • It’s one of the few companies that would keep me around!  I also love the freedom to do business in a way that truly fits my personality, from how I engage with clients to creating flexibility for my staff.  It is a continual privilege to be invited into people’s lives, developing relationships and designing homes that are truly tailored to their individual needs.
  • I’m drawn to design because?
    • I can’t get away from problem-solving, and my brain is continually trying to come up with creative solutions.
  • Preferred style of architecture?
    • Personally, mid-century modern.  Professionally, whatever inspires my clients.
  • Favourite space(s) in Calgary…
    • The Central Library, third floor east windows seating area, near the magazines
  • I love working with our clients because…
    • Every person we work with (and every project) is unique!  I am continually challenged to improve, to tap in to what people are telling me and to design specifically for their needs. Our clients put their trust in us and I feel a great sense of responsibility towards them and their project.
  • Favourite Canadian city in terms of design…
    • Calgary…because I feel I can be a positive contributor to the future of our city.
  • I’m inspired by…..
    • Things, objects, machines…products that are beautifully as well as functionally designed.
  • When I’m not at Ellergodt Design you may find me….
    • Tinkering on some project around the house…and living in a 1950’s era home that was previously owned by a ‘handyman’ those projects are plentiful!
  • Favourite object
    • Anything I can sketch with.
  • Favourite room in your house…
    • I love hanging out in our family room with a crackling roaring fire on a wintery Sunday morning. 
  • At happy hour, I’ll order a….
    • Bourbon Sour

Senior Designer


I have been with Ellergodt Design since 2018 where I enjoy working on a wide variety of projects, from small scale renovations to luxury estate homes.   As a client driven design company, I find that the range and variance keeps everything fresh and interesting, and challenges us all to keep on top of our game.  I am also an implementer and a problem solver with an interest in helping to develop our processes to make your design experience flow.

I contribute to your projects from conceptual design through to the completion of construction drawings, and enjoy being very hands on throughout the design stage of your home.   Above all, I work to ensure that you are happy, and that your project stays on track.

  • Education
    • Alberta College of Art & Design, General Arts
    • Fanshaw College, Architectural Technology
  • Why Ellergodt Design?
    • Ellergodt Design has such a genuine approach to their clients.  Immediately I could tell that Brent’s motivation is what was best for the client, not necessarily the bottom line.  There are no aggressive sales tactics, just good conversations and building relationships.
  • Preferred style of architecture?
    • I’ve always jumped between styles but prairie or mid-century modern are my personal go to choices
  • I love working with our clients because…..
    • Every client is different and their needs so varied that the work never gets boring.  The endless variety of challenges, and being able to create beautiful spaces they never could have imagined alone is the best feeling you can hope for.
  • Favourite Canadian city in terms of design…
    • Downtown Victoria, BC
  • When I’m not at Ellergodt Design you may find me….
    • Watching Netflix or out for a walk with Darwin (my corgi.)
  • Favourite vacation
    • Travelling Thailand
  • At happy hour, I’ll order a….
    • Craft cocktail, something with ginger or rum in it!
  • Favourite room in your house…
    • The backyard with our hammock in the summer, but once we get a reno going, the kitchen is going to take over!

Architectural Technologist / 3D Modelling


I have been with Ellergodt Design since 2015 in the role of principal draftsman.   I take Brent’s design sketches and implement them into our 3D drafting program to create detailed construction drawings, renderings, videos and walk-throughs.  We are very proud to create 3D visualization in-house, allowing you to see your project take shape in a very tangible way. 

I enjoy working in a very dynamic workplace that challenges me to always stay on top of my game, and that allows me an opportunity to explore ways to improve what we offer to you.

  • Education
    • University of Calgary, BA in History
    • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Architectural Technology
  • Preferred style of architecture?
    • Is small a style?
  • Favourite space(s) in Calgary…
    • I love the old/original neighbourhoods in Calgary and the blend of original architecture with the new.
  • Favourite Canadian city in terms of design…
    • There is something charming about the simplicity of those small East Coast towns/villages
  • When I’m not at Ellergodt Design you may find me….
    • Participating in sports (badminton, golf, hockey or Jiu Jitsu)or walking the dog around the neighbourhood
  • Go to morning drink…
    • Cup of coffee
  • Favourite vacation
    • River cruise through Cambodia

Designer / Architectural Technologist


I joined the Ellergodt Design team in 2021 as a designer and technologist. I enjoy working with clients from A to Z, bringing their ideas, concepts, and dreams into a home design that suits their individual lifestyle. I take pride in my attention to detail and am always striving to find the best solution to blend architectural style with structural components, bylaw and code restrictions, and any individual needs a homeowner has.

  • Education
    • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Architectural Technology
  • Preferred style of architecture?
    • I’m a sucker for West-Coast Modernism.
  • Favourite space(s) in Calgary…
    • I’m a downtown kind of guy. The core and the surrounding inner-city neighbourhoods have everything a person needs and there’s always something happening
  • Favourite Canadian city in terms of design…
    • There is something charming about the simplicity of those small East Coast towns/villages
  • I’m drawn to design because…
    • Home design is a perfect mix between form and function. I love the challenge of creating spaces that flow well with everyday life while also looking beautiful on the inside and out
  • When I’m not at Ellergodt Design you may find me…
    • Climbing Western Canada’s amazing Rocky Mountains
  • Favourite Vacation…
    • An architectural tour through Italy
  • On a hot summer day, I’ll have an…
    • Ice Cold 7-11 Slurpee