Our philosophy is simple.

Everything we do revolves around you, our client.

We are not here to design homes that reflect us but rather reflect you: your life, your lifestyle, and your unique needs.

You are an integral part of the design process and our goal is to engage you from day one. We want to get to know you, to understand what is important to you in a home, and to design spaces that will truly meet your needs. A key part of the home design journey is the trust that we will build throughout our time together, and we are committed to fostering a relationship with you that ensures that your ideas are not only heard but understood and ultimately implemented.

As a design firm we believe in simplicity, in clarity and in keeping things as lean as possible. These values are reflected throughout our company from the size of our staff and the bare bones aesthetic of our office through to our design process and fee structure. Our aim is to give you the best service in the most timely manner at the best price our level of expertise can offer.

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple….that’s creativity” Charles Mingus

In the beginning…

Long before there were high tech computers, complex design programs, gray hairs, or iPads there was just a guy fresh out of SAIT making $6 an hour with a drafting board and a pencil.

In 2003, that same guy ventured out on his own and Ellergodt Design was born.

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are proud to have become a collaborative team of multi-talented designers bringing our best to every project that comes through our door.


Brent Ellergodt

Brent Ellergodt

President and Principal Designer, A.T.

Elicia Cantafio

Elicia Cantafio

Lead Designer, A.T.

Jessica Willsie

Jessica Willsie

Lead Designer, A.T.

Chris Hill

Chris Hill

Lead Designer, A.T.

Ryan Cairns

Ryan Cairns

Lead Designer, A.T.

Scott Littke

Scott Littke

Architectural Technologist


2020 National Awards of Housing Excellence Best Detached Home Custom (Finalist)

SNG Developments Group Inc. – Elbow River Estate

2020 National Awards of Housing Excellence Best Exterior Renovation (Finalist)

Allenbrook Homes – Kelvin Grove

2020 National Awards of Housing Excellence Best Attached Home (Finalist)

SNG Developments Group Inc. – Altadore

2019 Calgary BILD Awards Best New Home (Finalist)

Westridge Fine Homes – Sovereign Crescent SW

2019 Calgary BILD Awards Best Kitchen Reno ($70-120,000) (Finalist)

Allenbrook Homes Ltd – Elbow Park

2019 Calgary BILD Awards Best Kitchen Reno ($120,000 & over) (Finalist)

Allenbrook Homes Ltd – Marda Loop

2019 National Awards of Housing Excellence Best Whole House Renovation

Westridge Fine Homes – St. Andrew’s Heights

2019 Alberta CHBA Awards Best Home Renovation (under $500,000)

Allenbrook Homes – Scarboro

2019 Alberta CHBA Awards Best Ensuite

Allenbrook Homes – Scarboro

2018 International Property Awards Architectural – Single Family Award Winner

Westridge Fine Homes – Silverhorn



How should I go about selecting a custom home designer?

You should choose your custom home designer as you would choose a doctor, a lawyer or your builder. Check their reputation, portfolio, and references of course, but be sure to interview them in person as well. You will need to create a rather close relationship with them for several months.
Custom home design is a very personal experience and you must be sure that the team you select will really listen to your needs and desires, and be willing and able to design the home of your dreams, not theirs. You will spend considerable time with your home designer and will share important parts of your life with them, be sure that you like and trust them. Design experience and technical knowledge is extremely important, but a personality and character you can handle and enjoy is almost as important.

How do I start the Design Process?

First, we encourage you to pay attention to where you live right now. Think about what is working for you, and what isn’t. Keep your eyes open and pay attention to details in homes you see or visit that ‘feel right’ to you. Start compiling your dream file photos, magazine articles and pictures, even sketches on napkins can contribute greatly to the final design. And by all means, call us. We are more than happy to meet or just chat on the phone about what you are thinking…no obligation.
We also have a very detailed questionnaire that will help you continue with the process of defining more clearly what you want your home to be.
We have worked very successfully in long-distance relationships with some of our clients. Video conference calls allow us to keep our clients informed and involved in the entire design process even from a distance.

What is the extent of services provided by Ellergodt Design?

Our full list of services can be found here.
If you already own a property, we will set up the initial design meeting to start the ball rolling. From there we typically follow these steps:
Conceptual Design
Design Development
Development Permit Drawings (if required)
Construction Drawings
Building Permit submission
We are also happy to assist you in the task of selecting a builder and site supervision. If you have not yet selected a building site, we are also happy to assist you in property selection and evaluation.

Why should I choose Ellergodt Design to design my new custom home or development?

Our goal throughout the design process is to keep it about you, the client. We are passionate about what we do and are committed to helping you create a home that truly feels like home to you. We don’t specialize in or promote one particular design style but rather work with you to take the information and ideas you have and put them into a design that suits your personality and lifestyle…not ours.

We do our best to create a positive working relationship by being attentive to detail, accessible to our clients and other consultants, and committed to service.

Do you specialize in any specific area of building design?

We have worked almost exclusively with a residential focus, designing single-family inner-city homes, as well as acreage estates. We possess vast experience and expertise in high-end renovation design and have also successfully undertaken a wide variety of multi-family design projects.  We have also had the opportunity to design and collaborate on some exciting resort projects in BC.

Should I have my site selected before I start working with a designer?

In general, yes. However, Ellergodt Design can assist with site selection for those people who have a strong vision for their new home and are not sure which site might best fit their needs.

Will I need the service of other professionals besides Ellergodt Design?

Most likely.

Interior designers and landscape architects are some of the other specialists occasionally brought into the team on a luxury custom home or multi-family project. This is determined by our client’s budget and expectations. Ellergodt Design often suggests that a structural engineer provide engineering services on most custom and extensive renovation projects. As well, it is sometimes necessary to consult with mechanical engineers, surveyors, soil engineers, and similar professionals. This is determined by the complexity of the project. When required, we will retain the services of an Architect on larger multifamily and commercial projects.

How can we be sure that our custom design can be built within budget?

Ellergodt Design works closely with experienced custom home builders during the design of your home, partnering with them to provide estimates for ongoing cost control and for advice on construction insight during the design process. We are happy to work with the builder of your choice, to help you select a qualified builder, or to refer you to someone we would highly recommend.

What are some of the key factors that set Ellergodt Design apart from other residential designers?

Residential design expertise & certification
34 years of residential specific experience
Design Satisfaction Guarantee