Rosscarrock Modern 3 Story
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Rosscarrock Modern 3 Storey

4 Unit Townhouse Project

Project Story

This was the initial design for a developer entering the multi family market in Calgary.  The goal, as with most developers, is to maximize ROI while bringing a stunning product to market.  The objective, when it came to design, was to create vibrant, contemporary marketable homes with ample amenity space to appeal to a range of potential homeowners.

Designing units that meet the functional needs of potential buyers, while trying to push the envelope creatively with the constraints of ever changing budgetary needs of a developer can often lead to a complete reworking of a design, as was the case with this project (which you will see later on in the portfolio!)

Having met the challenges of designing for an inner city lot was a tremendous hurdle to overcome, even if the project ended up going down a completely different path.

Challenges & Solutions

The greatest challenges with this project arose in working through the city’s approval process with its various departments and stakeholders.  Having designed a 3 storey building in an inner city neighbourhood meant numerous meetings and negotiations as we adapted this design to meet the various code requirements ultimately resulting in building approval from the municipality.

Client Comments

“Not only is Brent one of the best designers I’ve ever worked with, he works in a truly collaborative nature and handles constructive criticism on ideas and concepts throughout the process.”


Rosscarrock, Calgary


Inner City