Invermere Vacation Home
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Invermere Luxury Vacation

3300 sq. ft. Mountain Modern Escape

Project Story

If we had to describe this architecturally notable home in one word, it would be ‘wow!’  

Our clients brought their ideas, and a clear sense of what they wanted, yet also welcomed a high degree of design freedom to create unique and visually interesting options. 

This stunning family home will truly be an escape from the city, a warm and welcoming place for family and friends to gather year round.

Large windows, glass sliding doors, and minimal visual barriers will beautifully frame the spectacular views to the East and bring an abundance of natural light. 

The untouched forest to the South will bring seclusion and quiet, while being just minutes away from local amenities in nearby Invermere.


This location is within a community that has architectural controls that limit development to within a mountain modern style. Luckily, this works well with the client’s vision for their home.

The specific property is extremely sloped and changes in elevation by over 25m from rear to front. We were forced to use retaining to help provide access to the house through the driveway and garage, and then reacted to the slope of the lot by including vertical changes in elevation within the house. This ends up allowing the house to somewhat follow the slope of the grade and minimizes the true impact of the height.

Client Comments

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Columbia Lake, BC


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