What we do

We provide residential design services for private landowners/ homeowners building a new custom home, custom renovations, semi-detached homes and multi-family projects in the Calgary area, and surrounding provinces. We are also privileged to provide custom home design services to some of Calgary’s best custom home builders and renovators.   In addition to design, we are also happy to consult with homeowners, builders, and realtors on the development potential of a site

How we do it

It’s pretty simple…it’s all about you.

We believe that the key to successful home design is not only a designer who listens, but one who also asks the right questions.

As our client, you are an integral part of the design process and our goal is to get to know you, to understand what is important to you in a home, and to design a home that will truly meet your needs.  We strive to take you beyond the logistics of designing a house (the head part, if you will) and seek to integrate your heart in the process, tapping in to how you want to feel when you are ‘at home’.

We will take you through our in depth questionnaire, will encourage you to gather all of your sketches, photos and magazine clippings and will build on your answers and ideas to develop a design tailored to your needs.

Why Begin With Design?

It is, quite simply, the best place to start.

The process begins long before you begin building your home.  It starts with those first glimmers of inspiration, something that you want to make better in your current home, a dissatisfaction, something that doesn’t fit.  Maybe it all begins with a stunning view on a piece of land that makes your heart stop.  Our job is to take those glimmers, those ideas, those inspirations and create something that fits you.  Unless you start at the beginning…you’ll never fully find that path that will lead you home.

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