Don’t Go it Alone – Where to Begin with Home Design

You’ve heard the saying “measure twice, cut once”, right?  This adage is never more important than when you are planning to renovate or build a new home – whether your project is as simple as a basement development, or as complex as an inner city custom home.  As homeowners, it can be easy to step into construction projects with only the end in mind…you don’t always take time to consider home design (what we often consider the starting point) sometimes you don’t even know where to begin at all.

Our role, as your home designer, is to walk you through that “starting point”, and help you navigate the steps you need to take for a successful renovation or new home project.

Step One:   Do your homework 

Is this worth it??

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Take some time to evaluate whether or not the project you have in mind is worth not only the financial investment, but the associated complexities it will inevitably bring.    One of the key things to remember, as obvious as it sounds, is YOURSELF.   Where do you fit into this project?  Are you building / renovating a project to sell, or to live in?  Either way, it is ultimately about you…not your builder, not your designer(s), and not your extended family, or neighbours.

Step Two:  Begin with Design 

Don’t think just about what’s feasible, or possible or workable…think about your ideal.  If you could have it all, what would that look like?   We, as experienced custom home designers, can help you work through this process to determine your goals, your wants, and your needs.   The right professionals know what questions to ask you to lead you into a clear understanding of what you need in terms of home design.  We like to take it a step further and lead you into considering not only how your home will function, but how it will make you feel.  We know that home is more than just rooms and brick and mortar…it is sanctuary, it is your haven, and it has the capacity to be shelter your soul as much as it shelters your body.

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Step Three:  Select your team

The selection of your team is critical to the success of your project, and should consist of an experienced custom home designer, a trusted builder and an interior designer (however, there may also be other consultants involved in the process such as engineers and surveyors.)  We encourage our clients to begin building their team as early in the design process as possible.  When working as a team, these three professionals can manage your project from each one’s area of expertise, to ensure that the process runs smoothly, that your design vision is honoured and your budget is respected.  The right team will ensure that your entire project is managed and completed with the care and attention to detail it commands.

Undertaking any construction project can feel overwhelming, especially when it is broken down into the many steps required to take it to completion.  The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to tackle it alone.  Surround yourself with people who can assure you that they care about every step of the process and you will be in good hands.  When all is said and done, you’ll open the door to your brand new house….and you will know you’re home.

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Posted on: December 3rd, 2015 by Ellergodt Design
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