(What’s so Great About )The Calgary Home and Garden Show?

We have the pleasure of participating in the upcoming Calgary Home & Garden Show running Feb 28 – March 3, 2019 and if you are considering a renovation or thinking about building a new home, we think you might want to head down too!  We will be there all weekend to meet with you and let you know how our Custom Home Design team can help you!

The Show

As overwhelming as it can be, the Calgary Home & Garden Show (CHGS)  is a fantastic place to explore possibilities for your new home or renovation project.  After all, where else can you connect with such a wide array of suppliers, ideas, inspiration and contractors all under one roof?

If you are a hands-on kind of person, you will have ample opportunity to touch windows, flooring, siding, lighting, and wall covering options …to name a few!   If you are interested in learning something new, there are multiple presentations on a variety of topics and countless talented people in the field of Custom Home Design and Construction.   

This year’s show will bring many exciting features to explore …and those great Calgary Food Trucks! to keep you fuelled up as you make your way through the sights and sounds the weekend offers!

Let’s Get Acquainted!

As a Custom Home Design Team, one of the wonderful things about attending a show like the CHGS, is that it gives us a great opportunity to connect with YOU.    Over the course of a weekend we will have 30-40 in-depth conversations with people who are either well on their way to building a new home / renovation , or are just beginning to think about what might be possible for them.  Sometimes it’s a minor project that people just want a bit of feedback on, and sometimes they are exploring the possibility of building an inner city or acreage home.  No project is too small or too big to warrant a little conversation.   

We love these initial face to face connections….they’re so much more fun than a phone call.  Meeting face to face in a non-threatening, no obligation environment lets you get a sense of who we are…and who knows, we may be just the residential designer you are looking for!  Of course, we would love it if you’d stop by for a chat.  Bring along the things you may have been gathering (photos, inspirations, blueprints, napkin sketches) and let us answer some of your questions & give you some ideas to get the ball rolling

As designers, we love what we do and love doing it even more when it includes a collaborative conversation with a potential client. We look forward to helping you in whatever way we can!  Keep in mind, that as much as we love working with home and landowners in Calgary and surrounding area, we can also happily take on home design projects from other parts of the country. Technology has made it so much easier to make our way through the design process long distance!

Stop by and let’s chat…we’ll look forward to meeting you!

Looking for Tickets?

Visit this link for a discount on your ticket purchase for the weekend

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