Our People

Brent Ellergodt is our principal designer.  He has worked almost exclusively with a residential focus,designing single family and semi-detached homes, high end renovations and a variety of multi-family projects.  He is fueled by a passion to genuinely help people ‘find their way home’ by taking our clients through our personalized custom design process.  Brent is committed to a collaborative design experience, working with our clients to create spaces that truly meet their individual needs.

R.J. works side by side with Brent heading our drafting department.  As well as producing our construction drawings, he produces brilliant 3D renderings, helping our clients visualize their project during the design stage and beyond.  R.J.’s past experience as a custom home framer, and his love of CBC Radio make him a valued member of our team.

Carol Carol fills some vital roles behind the scenes. She creates our content and maintains our online presence and social media,  is our in house photographer, and keeps the books in order.  She is also occasionally called upon to help Brent decide what shirt and tie to wear.

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